Classic Bags
#1 Seller for 25 years and counting
Convenient packaging
Just the right size
More than 70 different varieties
Healthy “on the go” snack
Oxygen barrier on cup for maximum freshness
Car cup holder for dashboard dining
$.99 retail pricing for over 50 tasty assortments
Nitrogen-flushed tub
Resealable with highest grade product
Available in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL
The only hermetically sealed tub on the market
100 Calories
The perfect portion for your healthy lifestyle
6 individual packs per box, and 6 different items to choose from
Flat Bags
Delicious variety of 1 LB bag products
Ideal amount for snack lovers
Clear, and see-through design
Suitable for any budget
Tall Bags
Three layers of oxygen and moisture protection for maximum freshness
Great “snack on the go” solution
Large assortment with uncompromised quality
Pocket-friendly price and size
Four Compartment Trays
Perfect gift for any holiday or special occasion
Two convenient sizes
Clear and durable packaging
We also offer our quality products in bulků
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