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About Us

Our Beginning

In 1973 the founder of our company opened a small nut store in Philadelphia. Our excellent customer service and quality products helped us gain tremendous recognition throughout the local area. That positive recognition stayed with us when we made the decision to move to Chicago in the early 1980s. The move to Chicago was the precursor of new things to come.


Most often when change occurs, there will also be challenges. When we relocated to Chicago, we were faced with multiple new challenges as we evolved into a major supplier. One change we made was to begin selling our products in bulk. This enabled us to offer our customers lower prices on the products they purchased in bulk. Another change that occurred was we progressed to implementing hand mixing and packing. While striving to successfully meet our new challenges, we begin developing and ultimately excelled in mastering innovative roasting techniques. Our goal when creating new mixes for our customers to enjoy was to achieve an optimum balance between flavor and nutritional significance. To achieve this goal, each ingredient in our mixes was individually selected to meet the flavor and nutritional combination we wanted to achieve.


We are a packaging company. We are capable of roasting 60,000lbs. per 8-hour shift. We do packing, roasting and mixing. We pack within 3 days of roasting which assures freshness. We’ve built a solid foundation for our company based on the quality of products we offer. Customers looking for healthy snacks wanted those snacks packaged so they would be easily portable, convenient to store and easy to access. We responded to their desire by creating differ types of bags. Classic bags are our best-selling design. Flat bags and tall bags are also popular bag styles. Customers concerned with portion control and calorie content can enjoy worry-free snack time with our smaller sized packs. Those living a health-conscious lifestyle can support or encourage family and friends to do likewise by giving them one of our gift trays to celebrate a holiday or birthday.

Our Company Today

We’ve experienced many changes since that first little nut store was opened. Today, our production process is automated. We do our own mixing and roasting. We’re proud of our Signature Trail Mix line and are continually adding new and exciting items to our product list. Take granola for example, our Italian ovens are now cooking the best granola in town.

We carry only the finest grades of products. We remain focused on providing healthy, nutritious and delicious snacks for our customers, business owners and entrepreneurs to sell to their customers or give to their clients. In addition to providing new products, we have the capabilities necessary to offer customers assistance with private label and co-label packaging.

Office Contacts

We encourage you to call us with any questions, concerns or comments you have regarding our products. If you prefer, you can submit inquiries to us at
2701 N Normandy Ave
Chicago, IL 60707, USA
Warehouse2701 N Normandy Ave
Chicago, IL 60707, USA Tel.: 773.252.1044
Fax: 773.252.0817
Warehouse 2701 N Normandy Ave
Chicago, IL 60707, USA Tel.: 773.252.1044
Fax: 773.252.0817