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Private Label Capabilities

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Our primary customer groups are supermarkets, grocery chains, convenience stores, gas stations and numerous other businesses where the food is sold. Whether you’re a nationwide chain or a Mom & Pop store, we can develop a program specifically for you. Our creative design team can design eye-catching labels that will entice customers to purchase the products you’re selling. Our high-quality, excellent-tasting products will keep customers returning to your store to purchase their favorite products.



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Receive samples and start production once everything is approved.

What is Private Labeling

Private label selling occurs when an individual or business sells a third-party product under their private brand name. This idea is gaining in popularity and we can assist aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs in creating private label products that will gain the attention of potential customers and clients. You can select the items you want to purchase from our extensive product line, show us your desired design label and we’ll create a private label product you’ll be proud to have your name or logo on.
Private label packaging is also gaining popularity with non-profit groups, schools, community organizations and other groups that rely on fundraising events for support. We can help you create a label that will entice people to purchase the products you’re selling. The label will catch their attention and our high-quality, excellent tasting products will result in satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are repeat customers so your organization stands to gain even more support once everyone discovers how delightful your private label product is.

Assistance with Private Labeling Projects

There’s a lot of aspects involved in private labeling and co-packaging. When it comes to private label jobs also called co-packaging, we can cover everything for our customers from a to z. We work with many packaging companies and can provide numerous types of packaging designs including classic bags, flat bags, snack cups and tall bags. We also offer four-compartment trays in 2 sizes. Trays are ideal for holiday gifts or special occasions. We can package our products in the only hermetically sealed tub on the market. We have packaging machinery and a skilled labor force to work with any kind of bag design. To further assist our customers with the private label and co-packing ventures and make the product they sell more impressively unique, we can do roasting and mixing to customize orders.
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